Tuesday, June 29, 2010

So.....Tatiana and I made the turtle bread. I guess it turned out pretty good. It was our first time making home made bread. It tasted ok...kinda like Pillsbury bread from those pop open cans {scares me everytime it pops open...but that's a different story}. Tatiana was so proud of herself! I love moments like that :o) As for the rest of the family ~ they wouldn't eat it because they said it looked too much like a real turtle...lol.
Here's a pic of the turtle bread. {Don't laugh}

We've also been having some fun in the sun...

I hope you're enjoying your days and your family! Be blessed ~ Tania

p.s. Have you ever seen a seagull eating a slice of pizza?

well...now you have :o)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Hello! Hello!
I've had a nice break from the social media scene. We have been taking it easy and enjoying our new home. The kiddos are officialy on summer break now...I can't believe how fast the school year went. I feel the pressure to spend as much time with Yasmine as I can this summer. She will be a senior this fall and who knows where life will take her next summer. She has big plans and I just want her to live at home until she's about 30 or so.
My baby girl, Tatiana, has been quite the little Martha Stewart lately. We've been doing lots of arts and crafts. Because of Yasmine, I am well aware of just how fast she will grow up...so I pretty much drop what I am doing when she wants mommy to join her. Tonight we will be making turtle bread. She picked the recipe out herself...I will let you know how it turns out!
My son, Adam, will be 15 soon. He's a young man now. I can't believe how often I think my hubby, John, is talking and I turn to look and it's Adam. His voice has changed, he spends way too much time on the phone with a certain girl and from one day to the next...all of his pants are too short and his feet nearly hang off of the edge of the bed. So I am savoring every moment...enjoying my family, the beautiful weather and this delicious bowl of cherries from my mom's back yard!

Thanks for stopping by....see you soon!
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